Disclaimer In this beta version data has been captured from the initial report of proceedings (Hansard) which can be subsequently corrected, therefore it cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate. At this time deferred divisions are not included in the data sets.


Services have been developed to serve Members contribution and division details filtered by a range of parameters. These services are available for consumption by any interested party and are documented below.

Three services are provided. A query string needs to be attached to filter the data, either a start and end date or a dynamic date must be specified in order to return data. It is also mandatory to include the output format in the url.


URL: members/contributions/list.{format}?{query}

This service will return a list of all Contributions made, name of the member, the sitting date, contribution id, the chamber where this took place, house, the title of the debate and a quick snap shot of the contribution; depending on the following scenario's:

  • If you provide just a search term,
  • If you provide a specific date or a date range
  • If you provide a Member id.

Example URL:




URL: members/contributions/contribution/{id}.{format}

This service will display a single Contribution detail, so you can read the entire Contribution.

The service will provide the following data:

  • Member id
  • Contribution id
  • Title
  • Sitting date
  • House
  • Full contribution text.

Example URL:



This service provides all the information of all the Divisions, which a Member has voted in (Must provide MemberId in the query string), as shown below:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Number
  • Subject
  • Hansard Identifier
  • Ayes Count
  • Noes count
  • House
  • Section
  • Current Member voted for.

Example URL:


Query Parameters

Parameter Description
divisionId The unique identifier of a Division.
house Valid House within Parliament (Commons or Lords).
startDate Date range start date (string: yyyy-MM-dd).
endDate Date range end date (string: yyyy-MM-dd). NB - the total number of days that can be returned by any single call is 90.
date Date, (string, a dynamic date description - see below).
memberId Valid member Id from the Members Names service (integer).
SearchTerm The search text to find a match on existing Contributions.

Dynamic Dates

A dynamic date can form part of the query. These values will be automatically parsed by the server to create an appropriate date range for the query.

Parameter Description
today Data for today
yesterday Data for yesterday
last7days Data for the last 7 days
last30days Data for the last 30 days
thisweek Data for the current week (start day Monday)
thismonth Data for the current calendar month
lastmonth Data for the next calendar month

Example URLs


Output Formats

The following output formats are available, to be included in the query:

Format Description
xml Xml output, available on both services.
json Json output, available on both services.

Example URLs