Disclaimer In this beta version data has been captured from the initial report of proceedings (Hansard) which can be subsequently corrected, therefore it cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate. At this time deferred divisions are not included in the data sets.

Service overview

Services have been created in order to provide access to data stored in the system, this data is broken down into Divisions and Member Contributions which represent what happened in Parliament within a given date range. The services are accessible via clear RESTful HTTP calls and return content as xml or json (this can be specified in the calling url).

Data obtained via these services will be accurate to the data held on the platform. Queries will be executed based on simple parameters passed in by consumers and therefore the chance of human error in generating queries against a complex database are removed.


Version Date Created Base URL Notes
1.0 15th May 2014 http://hansard.services.digiminster.com Initial schema